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Hi, my name is Helen, I live in Russia, Moscow suburb and I work as a programmer in a road institute. It's not my first site, I've decided to add some sites for my favourites on the own domain. And, naturally, it's not all my favs. I ask to excuse me those who wants to see more info and pictures on my site, I don't have a lot of time.

I don't like to tell about myself, I have enough boring life. I work as a programmer. But in childhood I dreamed to become a doctor, I very much liked anatomy. I very like animal, hexapods, including cockroaches, mice, spiders, both dogs and cats. I have a dog called Arthur.

I like music, cinema, though I don't like very the modern films. It is ever more special effects, it is ever less ideas and thoughts. I love aged films, for instance, "Back to the Future". And I very much like aged French cinema, specially, films starring Jean Marais. He won my heart in childhood. And in childhood I dreamed to have all films with him and, certainly, I have not all films, but it is a lot of them.

Except for cinema and music, I like everything that is connected to computers, I with great pleasure read the computer magazines. I don't have such super-modern computer, as it would be desirable, but I have tried to find everything, that helped me to do my sites: scanner, video capture device, large screen monitor, four the large hard disks. I purchased my first home computer in September, 1995. Now my computer has a DVD-Rom (Asus) and a DVD+R/RW recorder (Ricoh) and transfer all my collection of films to DVD. In the summer 1996 I connected to the Internet. Now I use Lan connection.

If you have questions, write. I shall try to answer, if there will be a mood.

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